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Atlanta Video Production. DSV Video and Film has a well-earned reputation for having excellent client relations, being reasonably priced, and staying technologically state-of-the art. Whether you're looking for a corporate image video, a dramatic production with actors, a product rollout, TV commercial, educational, or interactive DVD, call on a company that takes pride in its award-winning work. Every project receives our on-budget guarantee!

Rehearsing With Actors

In addition to hiring only the best actors, we take great care in rehearsing them. Once the talent is in place, it is the director's job to set the standard and expectation level of the project. Without an extremely high expectation level, many actors just aren't psychologically prepared to give their best performance.

We encourage our actors to give every production their fullest effort, as though they were shooting a feature film. We have found that when the actors know you are striving to achieve your best work and that the production is going to be something they can use on their resumes and reels, everyone pulls together and pulls out all the stops.

With this in mind, we rehearse with actors prior to shooting, sometimes extensively, depending upon the project. Rehearsal time helps accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Ensures that there are no memorization problems.
  2. Provides a forum for actors to experiment with and become comfortable with their roles.
  3. Ensures that the final performance is a matter of fine-tuning a role, rather than finding or creating one.
  4. Ensures that our actors are thoroughly prepared to give us their absolute best performances.

On Directing Actors

Mr. Sperling recognized early on his natural talent for getting the best and most natural performances when working with actors. Part of that ability is due to his respect and admiration for the great talent of actors he works with. Dan Sperling is very confident about what he wants, and has an easy manner of coaching and coaxing the most convincing performances from actors. His easy, yet efficient manner of working helps to put the client, crew and talent at ease in an inherently stressful situation, and keeps production time productive. Mr. Sperling is clearly at the helm and actors and clients clearly enjoy working with him.

Producing quality drama is our forte. Throughout our years of experience, we have worked with hundreds of actors on numerous dramatic productions, so if you are considering drama with actors in your next production, rest assured that you are in excellent hands with DSV Video & Film.

To discuss a dramatic production, call us at 678-478-2259 for a friendly, free consultation, or email us at

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