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Atlanta Video Production. DSV Video and Film has a well-earned reputation for having excellent client relations, being reasonably priced, and staying technologically state-of-the art. Whether you're looking for a corporate image video, a dramatic production with actors, a product rollout, TV commercial, educational, or interactive DVD, call on a company that takes pride in its award-winning work. Every project receives our on-budget guarantee!

High Definition

High Definition is one of the most attractive options today! It captures incomparably crisp images and resolution, yet is less expensive than film. The HDTV image actually covers a wider rectangular area than the conventional 4:3 television standard. It takes advantage of the widescreen 16:9 format, the same format used in feature filmmaking.

From a technical standpoint, HDTV offers far greater clarity and detail than conventional video production. By comparison, conventional television is broadcast at 525 lines of resolution. HDTV utilizes 1080. HDTV carries not only twice the horizontal definition, but also twice the vertical definition as a conventional broadcast signal, which means that it receives not two, but four times as much visual information as a conventional broadcast signal, four times the resolution! This means that at any moment, your HD picture is comprised of four times as much visual informational than a conventional television picture. Now that's clarity!

Producing in HDTV is also a way of "future proofing" your production, dramatically extending its shelf life. Any original footage shot in HD today can be integrated into future productions and formatted to be in compliance with future standards, without any noticeable difference in quality. HDTV footage would offer you the same incredible 1080 lines of resolution in any production it was used in, even 20 years from now, with the same astounding quality that we captured today.

From a subjective viewpoint, the additional 25% width of the HD image, along with the increased clarity makes the images more compelling and engaging to watch. The viewing experience is actually much closer to the way we naturally view and experience life. The average viewer of HDTV will be taking in an image that covers about 30 degrees of their vision, rather than a mere 10 degrees with conventional television. This wider and larger HD image produces an increased emotional involvement that is more like the large screen cinematic experience. In fact, many viewers have likened the experience of viewing HDTV to looking through a window.

This format is so crisp and exciting that George Lucas shot Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones and Episode III Revenge of the Sith entirely in HD. You can read more about this exciting process at the

official Star Wars website.

Our HDTV productions are shot on Sony's remarkable HDW-700A camera, which offers true 1080 lines of resolution and astoundingly, over two million pixels of digital information. Most clients are pleasantly surprised to find that production shot in high definition isn't quite as expensive as they initially anticipated.

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