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Atlanta Video Production. DSV Video and Film has a well-earned reputation for having excellent client relations, being reasonably priced, and staying technologically state-of-the art. Whether you're looking for a corporate image video, a dramatic production with actors, a product rollout, TV commercial, educational, or interactive DVD, call on a company that takes pride in its award-winning work. Every project receives our on-budget guarantee!

The Initial Client Meeting

The initial client meeting is essential in establishing the direction of the project and your objectives, as well as agreeing upon the creative means of achieving them. During the initial client meeting, we will come to understand everything you hope to achieve with your project, what image and tone you want to convey, who your intended audience is, what future uses you may have for the material, and what your company's particular needs and deadlines are. Most importantly, we will offer excellent creative suggestions as to the most effective way to produce your project and achieve your goals.

To be sure that we will produce the best product we can, we'll be asking a lot of questions about your clients, how you would like them to feel having just seen the video, what salient points you wish them to remember, how the film or video fits into your overall marketing strategy, and what you like and dislike about other videos. This close, individual analysis of your needs lends a unique quality to your project and avoids a "cookie-cutter", one-size-fits-all approach to video production, which we feel tends to make for a less than exciting finished product.

While drawing on over twenty-five years of experience, we consider each project individually, listen to your ideas and concerns, and suggest to you the most effective and creative options that will work for your project. This is the way that we've always worked, drawing upon our experience but sizing up each new project just as you would an individual.

Coming to understand your company or agency, and getting a clear picture of your hopes, ambitions and requirements is the key to producing a project that matches your needs. At the same time, it insures that everyone from both of our organizations are on the "same page" from pre-production through the final edit. This extra up-front attention produces a significantly better finished product. And we do something else to insure that all parties remain informed and united in our efforts throughout production. We will send you an email update whenever there are project developments that you and your team should know about.

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