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Atlanta Video Production. DSV Video and Film has a well-earned reputation for having excellent client relations, being reasonably priced, and staying technologically state-of-the art. Whether you're looking for a corporate image video, a dramatic production with actors, a product rollout, TV commercial, educational, or interactive DVD, call on a company that takes pride in its award-winning work. Every project receives our on-budget guarantee!

About DSV Video & Film Productions, LLC

Dan Sperling is a producer with over twenty-five years in the business. He has worked on a wide variety of over 200 projects including

dramatic productions, corporate image presentations, commercials, educational productions, legal issue videos, product promotionals, teleconferences, and tradeshows.

Mr. Sperling's career began in Boston, where as a teenager he was lucky enough to land a producing position on the WGBH Public Television show, Fleamarket, a program produced for and by teenagers. It was here that Dan had the opportunity to “cut his teeth” working on segments such as Blind Man, Hitchhiking USA, Astrologer, and Times Square.

Later, Mr. Sperling graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Film and Filmmaking from the University of Pennsylvania with transfer credit from the University of Southern California 's famous Cinema Production Department. During his time at both universities, he experimented in every aspect of the filmmaking process, constantly producing movies with his peers.

Upon graduation, he went to work in the industry as an assistant cinematographer. He spent ten years working as a Producer/Director for Public Television at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education in Athens, Georgia, where he finely tuned every aspect of his craft including writing, shooting, directing, and editing. Mr. Sperling says, “It really was a great place to continue your education, because their production philosophy was rooted in the auteur theory, where one individual is responsible for the look and feel of a film. This approach gave me the opportunity to write, direct, shoot and edit films and video, learning and refining my craft along the way.”

The experience allowed Mr. Sperling to polish his already considerable skills and after a decade of working as a producer/director, he felt the time was right to step out and open his own production house. Motivated by the desire to take full responsibility over every aspect of a project's production, Mr. Sperling began his own company in July of 1990.

Over the past 15 years, his acute attention to detail and quality has helped DSV Video & Film Productions to continually expand its client base and services. Almost 100 clients, including Blimpie, The University of Georgia's Law School, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Siemens Corporation, the Georgia Department of Labor, YKK, The Supreme Court of Georgia, Optionetics and U.S. Orthodontic Care have turned to DSV Video & Film Productions for their video needs.

As your producer/director, Dan Sperling takes responsibility for the final look and feel of every production his company undertakes, as opposed to many larger production companies where responsibility is often compartmentalized, depending upon the task at hand. Mr. Sperling oversees every project and is responsible for all the major decisions involved, including the final screenplay, directing every project, and overseeing the final edit. Because of his experience with every phase of the video and filmmaking process, he writes with shooting in mind, shoots with editing in mind, and edits with the overall concept of the client in mind. This approach lends itself to producing an organic, well-organized and well-integrated finished product.

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